Zbiornik retencyjny Słowackiego
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Zbiornik retencyjny Srebrniki – Srebrniki storage reservoir

A pleasantly warm Sunday in June. My wife and I took a short walk around Zbiornik retencyjny Srebrniki (Srebrniki storage reservoir) in the district of Wrzeszcz. 

To be frank, our main intention was to check out whether there were any elderflowers among the greenery surrounding the reservoir. After all, there’s nothing better to drink on a warm summer’s day than cold homemade elderflower cordial. We picked just enough elderflowers to make nine litres of cordial.

Even though we were on a mission, we still paid heed to our watery surroundings. 

Srebrniki reservoir has an area of 2.58 hectares. Currently, the tank has a special device for aerating water (dismantled for the winter). This, in fact, resembles a very impressive fountain. 

Zbiornik retencyjny Srebrniki

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