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Toruńska Street

You won’t see many tourists ambling down Toruńska Street (Ulica Toruńska) in Gdańsk. After all, it’s a kilometre away from Gdańsk’s main tourist attractions around Ulica Długa, and hardly full of any distinguishing landmarks and features. 

For me, however, it’s a place where old meets new. Mind you, with the number of condominium complexes springing up on Toruńska, perhaps the description “some of the old meets the increasingly new” is more appropriate.

I guess that I feel quite nostalgic when I walk down Toruńska because I could so very easily be living there now. My wife and I were very tempted to buy a flat we viewed which overlooks the Nowa Motława River. All in all, there was nothing wrong with the flat and the overall location. However, I felt there was something missing in terms of the soul of the building complex and the lack of amenities and shops nearby.

Toruńska Street – very much at the heart of the revitalisation of the Lower Town District in Gdańsk. With charming views over the Old Motława and New Motława river sections as well.

Kamienica Panna Gdańska
Old Toruńska - Kamienica Panna Gdańska
Kamienica Panna Gdańska
Kamienica Panna Gdańska Hotel
Building around the New Motława
Aura Gdańsk Condomonium Complex
New Motława
Old Motława, looking north

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