Stępka Canal in Gdansk

Stępka Canal

A few facts about the Stępka Canal

  • This short canal was dug in 1576, at the time when the New Motława riverbed was created
  • Shipbuilding workshops quickly popped up around the newly-constructed canal 
  • Kamieniarski Bridge is located at the south end of the Stępka Canal. Until about 1843, the bridge functioned as a drawbridge
  • In recent years, the eastern side of the Stępka Canal has undergone great changes. The construction of the Riverview housing estate has come to an end. The project consists of seven residential and service buildings with 282 units for sale. The characteristic soaring blocks of buildings and the brick facades are very much in line with Gdańsk’s historical buildings. You can read more about the project here.
stepka canal Gdansk
The new Riverview estate

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