Olivia Stars Observation Deck
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Olivia Star Observation Deck

Admiring the 360° panorama of the entire Tri-City metropolitan area from the Olivia Star Observation Deck is a must-have experience for visitors to Gdańsk.


Everything you need to know about Olivia Star

Olivia Star is an office building – part of the Olivia Business Centre complex – located in the Oliwa district of Gdańsk.

The building is 180 metres high, making it one the tallest buildings in Poland. Some 130 metres above ground level, the Olivia Star Observation Deck is on the 32nd floor of the building.

The 33rd floor is occupied by two separate restaurants and a bar: 

  1. Treinta Y Tres – A restaurant which serves Spanish cuisine

  2. Arco – Renowned Catalan chef, Paco Pérez, runs this high-quality Mediterranean restaurant. Pérez is the proud holder of five Michelin stars courtesy of the restaurants he heads in Spain and Berlin

  3. Sky Bar – Check out a unique list of original cocktails 

Finally, there’s a 800 square metre conference space for business meetings and the like on the 34th floor.


Buying tickets and entry to the Observation Floor

A high-speed elevator whisks visitors up to the 32nd floor of the Olivia Star Observation Deck.

Entry to the observation deck is payable. If you pay at the welcome desk on the ground floor, it costs 25 zl to go up to the viewing floor.

However, the Olivia Star ticket page is packed with a range of special offers.

Most notably, it’s 30% cheaper for a combined ticket (Olivia Star Observation Deck and Olivia Garden) if you book three days in advance. Hence, the total cost is just 23 zl. A family ticket (two adults and two children) for the Observation Deck and Olivia Garden costs 60 zl if bought online three days in advance.


Olivia Star Observation Deck – Panorama of the Tri-City area

On the eastern side of Olivia Star Observation Deck, you can step outside onto the viewing terrace to take in stunning views of Gdańsk Bay. In fact, it’s a time for endless observation. It was fascinating to take in views of the port and shipyard areas, the districts of Przymorze and Zaspa straight ahead, Orłowo Cliff and the narrow line of the Hel Peninsula to the north.

Looking north towards Gdynia Orłowo

When you’re done gazing into the distance, check out the slowly moving cars on one of the main arteries of Tri-City, Aleja Grunwaldzka. If you linger on the terrace for long enough, you’ll catch the odd passenger train making its way towards or away from Gdańsk.

There’s also a telescope situated on the right side of the outdoor viewing platform. 

One could gaze at Gdańsk Bay for some considerable time. However, equally fascinating for me was the view of the dense forest wall of the Tri-City Landscape Park and the Kashubian moraine uplands. On the north side, the colourful roofs of the Oliwa district will have you lost for more words.


What can you see from the highest floors of the Olivia Star Observation Deck?

From the viewing floor of Olivia Star, you can see:

  • Polsat Plus Area Gdańsk (home stadium of Lechia Gdańsk football club)
  • Tri-City Landscape Park
  • Port of Gdańsk
  • Gdańsk Bay
  • Orłowski Cliff
  • Oliwa Park
  • Oliwa Cathedral
  • Baltic Hub Container Terminal (DCT Gdańsk)
The rooftops of Oliwa

The perfect way to spend an afternoon in Gdańsk

My wife and I didn’t have lunch in the Vidokówka restaurant on the viewing floor of Olivia Star. Instead, we opted to have tea and coffee. Nevertheless, the menu appears to be varied and the prices are reasonable.

When it comes to pizza, I noticed that the restaurant has a generous stock of original Italian ingredients on show behind the bar. 

If Vidokówka’s menu doesn’t float your boat, Pierogarnia Mandu is just a 15-minute walk away. Here you can sample the delightful baked pierogi. 

To round off the perfect afternoon, take a stroll around Oliwa Park. You won’t regret it.

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