Seaside resort of Mechelinki, near Gdynia, Poland
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Mechelinki – A Top Seaside Resort near Gdańsk

If you’re looking to visit a quiet, laid-back seaside resort near Gdańsk, then Mechelinki may well be your best bet. 

You may be wondering why you’d overlook places such as Sopot and seaside districts of Gdynia such as Orłowo and Redłowo. 

Well, Mechelinki has such an alluring whiff of tradition and serenity about it.

My wife and I simply had to stop by in Mechelinki for a second time on the way back to Gdańsk from Rewa


Mechelinki’s Greatest Assets

For either a day-trip or a short-stay, Mechelinki has everything you could ever wish. Let’s check out some of the greatest assets of this charming seaside resort near Gdańsk:

1. Mechelinki Pier

The pier in Mechelinki was constructed in 2014. The wooden walking platform is 180 metres long and can be accessed directly from the beach. Visitors can walk on the pier in the evening as it is illuminated. 

Walking along the pier, you get the opportunity to observe the relatively clear sea water and Mechelinki Cliff. Moreover, you can clearly see the Torpedownia in Babie Doły from the pier. Torpedownia is the Polish name for the central facility of German torpedo research centres, built in occupied Poland during World War II. A great deal of test-firing of torpedoes took place from this torpedo station in Babie Doły, Gdynia.

Mechelinki Molo
Mechelinki Pier ©️ Finding Poland
From Mechelinki Pier
©️ Finding Poland
Gdyńska torpedownia w Babich Dołach
Torpedownia in Babie Doły, Gdynia ©️ Finding Poland

2. Mechelinki Beach

Mechelinki beach, although not very wide like most other beaches on the Baltic Sea in Poland, is sandy and not frequented by hordes of tourists. 

Mechelinki is located on the rather warm and calm Puck Bay. Hence, conditions for doing water sports and taking a dip in the water are excellent.

Plaża Mechelinki
Mechelinki Beach - view from the pier ©️ Finding Poland

3. Cool bars, taverns and cafés

Mechelinki boasts a number of excellent bars, taverns and cafés, many of which offer locally caught fish. 

On our second visit to Mechelinki in August 2023, my wife and I both drank a wonderfully refreshing lemonade tinged with raspberry syrup at Monic Caffe & Gelato.

We found a perfect spot outside the café to engage ourselves in a spot of people watching.

I found the prices at Monic to be very reasonable.

Sitting outside Monic Caffe & Gelato ©️ Finding Poland

A Stunning Seaside Resort near Tri-City

In summary, if you’re looking to visit a laid-back seaside resort near Gdańsk or Gdynia, Mechelinki is well worth considering.

I look updating this post next year with shots from the Mechelinki Meadows Nature Reserve (Rezerwat przyrody Mechelińskie Łąki), which is located between Mechelniki and Rewa, and also Mechelinki Cliff (Mechelinki Klif). 

For now, enjoy this video which highlights Mechelinki pier and the seafront in the central part of the resort:


There is no direct bus or train line from Gdańsk to Mechelinki.

The best way to get from Gdańsk to Mechelinki is by taking an SKM train from, for example, Gdańsk Main Train Station (Gdańsk Główny) to Gdynia Main Train Station (Gdynia Główna). The journey takes 34 minutes and trains go every 10 minutes during the day.

There is a bus stop adjacent to Gdynia Main Railway Station. From here, lines 105 and 146 go to Mechelinki, specifically to the stop Przystań 02. Line 146 gets to Mechelinki in around 37 minutes which is around 12 minutes quicker than line 105.  Both lines run approximately every 30 minutes.

Adjacent to Gdynia Main Railway Station is a bus stop, from which lines 105 and 146 travel to Mechelinki (stop Przystań 02). Line 146 reaches Mechelinki in around 37 minutes which is approximately 12 minutes faster than line 105. Both lines run approximately every 30 minutes.


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