Lake Ukiel in Olsztyn
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Lake Ukiel (Olsztyn)

Aside from my wish to explore the Old Town of Olsztyn, one of the reasons my wife and I went to Olsztyn was to spend time near Lake Ukiel.


Where is Lake Ukiel located?

Lake Ukiel is located in the northwest part of Olsztyn in the Warmian- Masurian Voivodeship. 

Key facts about Lake Ukiel

  • Lake Ukiel has a crooked shape – hence its common name ‘Crooked Lake’ (Jezioro Krzywe)
  • Ukiel consists of four bays connected by straits 
  • The total area of ​​the lake is 412 hectares
  • Informally known as the Bay of Grunwald, the southernmost part of the lake contains the best developed tourist infrastructure 
  • The length of the shoreline comes to almost 23 km


Things to do 

Walking around the southern shore from our hotel (Przystań Hotel & Spa), it was apparent just how well-developed the infrastructure is for tourists. Facilities include the following:

  • Restaurants, including Plankton and Capitano
  • Greek food truck
  • Waffle bar (gofroteka)
  • Fish bar (smażalnia ryb)
  • Ice cream parlours
  • Docks and piers
  • Sandy beaches
  • Changing rooms
  • Showers and toilets
  • Inflatable playground
  • Small library in the form of a bookcase
  • Exercise machines
  • Skatepark and snowpark
  • Water sports equipment rental services
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • Saunas (Sauny Ukiel)
  • Opportunities for fishing. The lake is teeming with bream, pike and perch


A wonderful early spring break 

We travelled to Olsztyn on the third day of spring. With cloudless skies and reasonable daytime temperatures of around 13c for the three days of our stay, we couldn’t have asked for much better. 

Przystań Hotel & Spa

The four-star Przystań Hotel & SPA was our choice of accommodation for the duration of our stay.

With a terrace that opens out onto a private beach and the lake, the surroundings couldn’t be more charming.

Przystań is an excellent hotel with a swimming pool, spa and wellness zone, secure underground parking and a restaurant serving great food. 

Dreamy strolls around Lake Ukiel

With the sandy beach, children’s play areas, water sports rental services, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, and restaurants and cafes, it seems that there’s something for everyone right by Lake Ukiel. 

At this time of the year, the shoreline was hardly bustling with tourists. However, that’s probably the way we wanted it. 

We stuck to the more developed southern shore, leaving the wilder spots for a later date. Still, it’s a twenty-five minute walk around the shoreline from the Przystań hotel to the end of Miła Street, just beyond the apartment complex, Villa Vella. With the odd detour or two, and a stop on the way back to the hotel to sit down and admire the views across the lake, this three-kilometre stroll there and back does the job.

When the sun goes down over Lake Ukiel, one forgets about the mundanities of everyday life – and the fact that there’s a war raging in a neighbouring country. Terrific views indeed.


Highlights of our stay – Pictures from Lake Ukiel

Ukiel Lake in Poland
Jezioro Ukiel w Olsztynie
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Ukiel Lake

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