View across the Motława River towards Szafarnia Street from the Holiday Inn Sky Bar in Gdańsk
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Holiday Inn Sky Bar – Gdańsk

In the summer of 2023, my wife and I visited the Holiday Inn Gdańsk SKY Bar on two separate occasions.

Here’s a little bit about the location of the Holiday Inn SKY Bar and our impressions of this unique place which overlooks the city skyline.



Holiday Inn Gdańsk is located on Wyspa Spichrzów (Granary Island) in the City Centre district of Gdańsk. Its address is Chmielna Street 1.

The SKY Bar is on the seventh floor of the hotel. 


Sitting inside the Holiday Inn Gdańsk SKY Bar

It was an exceptionally grey and stormy day the first time we went up to the SKY Bar. The terrace was closed so we sat next to the window overlooking the Motława River and the Main Town skyline.

We got to the SKY Bar just after opening time. For this reason, the bar was pretty empty with just one other couple sitting close to us.

All in all, I liked the decor of the bar. The cappuccino, although pricey at 16 zł, was very good. Service, on this occasion, was friendly. I knew the barman as he previously worked at the Green Club (pool and snooker hall) in Gdańsk which I often go to.

Raindrops on the windows ruined our photo session a little but we still managed to capture the essence of the Main Town skyline. St. Mary’s Basilica dominates the view from the west side of the Sky Bar.

Interior of the Holiday Inn Gdańsk SKY Bar
©️ Finding Poland
©️ Finding Poland
Gdańsk Old Town - view from Holiday Inn
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©️ Finding Poland
©️ Finding Poland
SKY Bar Holiday Inn Gdańsk
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Looking out the window on the northern side of the SKY Bar, more great views await with the National Maritime Museum (Narodowe Muzeum Morskie) and part of Gdańsk Marina in the foreground:

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The Terrace of the Holiday Inn SKY Bar 

On our second visit to the Holiday Inn Gdańsk Sky Bar, the plan was to sit on the terrace and enjoy the views of the Motława River and Gdańsk Marina just off Szafarnia Street

This simple plan didn’t come into fruition because the bar staff told us that we could only order digitally via a QR code. I know in which direction the world’s going but I was astonished they didn’t have at least one physical menu. Frankly, we’d never ordered in this way and we couldn’t be bothered to do it.

Therefore, we lingered on the terrace to take some photos, which was really the aim of our visit anyway.  

View of Gdańsk Marina from Holiday Inn SKY Bar
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Gdańsk Marina and Szafarnia Street
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Hotel Gdańsk seen from above
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©️ Finding Poland

What else is there to know about the Holiday Inn SKY Bar?

SKY Bar Holiday Inn Gdańsk is well-known for its delicious standard and non-standard delicious cocktails:


The drinks menu also contains a wide range of liqueurs, vermouths, whiskeys, wines, vodkas, gins, bottled beers and a few other drinks to make you smile. 



Holiday Inn SKY Bar is open every day of the week from 5pm-11pm.

The Holiday Inn Gdańsk SKY Bar menu only includes drinks and snacks, which includes a board of tapas, nachos and olives. The hotel’s restaurant is called Horizon and here’s the menu.


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