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Gołubieński Botanical Garden

Gołubieński Botanical Garden – my first destination in the Kashubia Protected Landscape Area.

My wife and I had been talking about visiting Kashubia for a few years. 

Well, on the hot Monday of July 12, we travelled fifty kilometres or so from Gdańsk to Gołubieński Botanical Garden.

The plan for the day had been to visit the garden and then drive up to the restaurant Gościniec Malinówka, in the village of Krzeszna, for lunch.


Where is Gołubieński Botanical Garden?

This one-of-a-kind botanical garden is located in the village of Gołubie, at the southern tip of the Kashubian Landscape park.

A brief history of the Gołubieński Botanical Garden

The botanical garden reached its current state through a gradual developmental process. At the beginning of the 1930s, the forest area which grew on the slopes was cleared. The remaining land was left for arable purposes, while the flat land was suitable for agriculture. A decorative garden soon appeared next to the farm buildings. This division of the land lasted from 1935 to 1971. 

From 1972, intensive development of the ornamental garden began. By 1982, the garden’s collections had increased to 455 taxa of herbaceous and woody plants. 

The constantly increasing number of taxa and the systematized arrangement of the collection eventually led to the formation of a botanical garden. In 1983, the name Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny (Gołubieński Botanical Garden) came into being. 

The following year, the garden was included in the municipal spatial development plan of the Stężyca Commune, in the district of Kartuzy.

The area of the garden has increased in recent years (currently at 3.68 ha).

In 2015, the garden revealed a new Arboretum with a viewing platform for visitors.


Plant collections

Gołubieński Botanical Garden is blessed with around 6,000 species and varieties of plants from various climatic zones of the world.

The garden also has roughly 190 protected and endangered species.



Admission is paid. 

As things stand, tickets for adults cost 15 zl and for children 10 zl. 

There are discounts for families (min. four people), while children under the age of five enjoy free admission.



Admission never used to be this expensive. In fact, I’ve just seen on one website that adults used to pay 5 zl. 

However, 15 zl is not much for such an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience.

I’m not really a plant or flower man. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to see species and varieties from such destinations as Australia, America, Korea and Japan.

Right at the end of the Arboretum is a viewing platform with dreamy views out towards Jezioro Patulskie and the surrounding hills.

Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny)
Gołubieński Botanical Garden
Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny)
Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny)
Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny)
Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny)
Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny) - punkt widokowy
Gołubieński Botanical Garden (Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny)
Gołubieński Botanical Garden

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