Nighttime in Gdańsk
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Gdańsk by night

Gdańsk by night doesn’t have to be synonymous with pub crawls and nightlife.

As I discovered in February, 2022, there’s nothing more captivating than strolling around the Main Town at night. I did this walk at around 10.30pm, well after the sun had gone down.

Strolling by the Motława River, and seeing all the major historical buildings lit up, made for a breathtaking experience. These sensations were all the more eerie due to the fact that the streets were almost completely deserted.

My top three buildings to see on a Gdańsk by night stroll are:

  1. The Royal ChapelŚwiętego Ducha Street 58 
  2. St Mary’s Basilica – Towering over majestic Mariacka Street. Be sure to walk down this street too
  3. The Great Armoury – Targ Węglowy 6, adjacent to the western edge of Piwna Street

Sorry, pub-crawlers. The essence of Gdańsk by night is taking a long and observant walk around the streets of the Main Town. Check out the video below to see why I hold such a belief.

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