Alfa Park, Gdansk
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Alfa Park

When looking for a place to visit for your Sunday stroll in Gdańsk, there might be no finer spot than Alfa Park housing estate.

In fact, it’s almost become a tradition for my wife and me to drive to this area after Sunday lunch to stroll and admire the surroundings.


Where is Alfa Park Housing Estate?

Alfa Park is spread across the eastern outskirts of Jasień district and the western outskirts of Piecki-Migowo. The estate lies just off Myśliwska Street.

The Alfa Park investment

Construction of the first stage of the estate began in 2011. As things stand, the fourth stage of construction, which commenced in March 2019, is close to completion. 

Stage IV consists of eleven buildings built in the immediate vicinity of Wróbel reservoir. Five of them were commissioned in the first quarter of 2021, while the rest will be finished in 2022.

In January 2022, the implementation of the fifth stage of the investment began. The next four buildings of the estate will be integrated between the forest, Wróbla reservoir and the PKM railway line. Apartments here will range from one-room studios with an area of ​​28 square metres, to large five-room apartments with an area of ​​over 138 square metres. The premises will be ready for use in the fourth quarter of 2023. 

As part of this stage of development, a beach with a pier and other recreational areas will be built. 


What is there to see and do near the Alfa Park estate?

Undoubtedly, the most alluring feature of the Alfa Park complex is its proximity to Staw Wróbla water reservoir. Indeed, many apartments come with a view of the water. On the west side of the reservoir, there’s a recreational area which boasts a children’s playground, mini pier and a relaxation area with benches and tables.

Staw Wróbla

On the other side of the train tracks, residents of the estate are in for a treat in the form of Jasień reservoir. Around this piece of water, there’s a children’s playground, outdoor gym, benches and a path for hikers, skaters and cyclists.

Alfa Park

Finally, there’s the stunning backdrop of Tri-city Landscape Park. In just a few minutes, residents of Alfa Park can be walking, cycling or having a picnic in the bosom of nature. 


Public transport

One of the most notable perks of living on the Alfa Park estate is the immediate proximity to the PKM railway line. 

From the nearby Gdańsk Jasień railway stop, there are direct connections to the Kasubian town of Kartuzy, Gdańsk airport, Sopot, Gdynia and Wrzeszcz. 

As for bus connections, buses 127, 130 and 155 leave from the terminal just above the railway line:

127 ➡️  Wrzeszcz, Galeria Bałtycka, Zaspa, Przymorze, Oliwa

130 ➡️  Gdańsk city centre 

155 ➡️ Morski Park shopping centre + Designer Outlet / Łostowice Świętokrzyska



I’m naturally drawn to nature – water and forests. Considering Alfa Park’s proximity to Tri-City landscape park and two pieces of water, I consider the estate to be one of the most attractive housing propositions in Gdańsk. 

Moreover, although I have a car, I prefer to use public transport rather than drive around the city. Having the PKM train line nearby is a huge asset for the residents of Alfa Park. 

Anyway, to see more of Alfa Park and the estate’s charming surroundings, check out our video on Youtube:


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